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Tuscan Blue Rosemary & Pepper Honey

Tuscan Blue Rosemary & Pepper Honey

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This delicious award winning (*) small batch, handcrafted, rosemary infused honey has a piney aroma and a distinctive sharp flavor. Just a hint of black pepper gives this honey an added earthy tone. It has a use on everything from beef, pork, poultry, and lamb, to vegetables, cheeses, charcuterie, desserts, and even ice cream! Add it to cocktails or tea. Mix into marinades, vinaigrettes, dressings, or combine it with butter to melt over many finished dishes.


Ingredients include 100% pure orange blossom honey and fresh cut rosemary from Patty's Herbs located in Pearsall, Texas. No artificial flavors, extracts, or vinegar. Our honeys are perfect with charcuterie boards, as wedding favors, and Halloween treats. Great to use with Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes, and for holiday gift giving. Size: Net Wt. 12oz.

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